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OLED TV - Oh Boy!

In this the age of technology, Bizmommy wants to start featuring more gadgets and gizmos.  We were very lucky to have recently been invited too take a look at some brand new TV technology.  Full disclosure - we don't own a TV but, we know many responsible parents out there do, so...take a look at this.

Farfaria, the Digital Storybook

We read to our kids almost every night and now that they are getting older, it seems we are re-reading the same books over and over.   There are a number of apps and services available meant to replace the constant trips to the library and bookstore with digital stories.  Don't get me wrong, we still love trips to the library and bookstore but, if you are reading nightly, that is a whole lot of trips and there really just isn't time.

Heroes of WWII

The new Brad Pitt movie Fury celebrates some of the heroes of WWII.  It's great that we are recording the history of those that have fought for our country.  However, history has often overlooked heroes because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.   Tomorrow, as part of Blog Action Day bizmommy will be posting on the theme of inequality and, specifically inequality in the history books. 

Check back to see our post and all the Blog Action Day posts.  You can see the trailer for Fury here.

Alexander and the Funny, Endearing, Good, Very Cute Movie

I remembered this book fondly  from my childhood.  Well, I remembered the title (how  could you not?) but not the story exactly...although you could pretty much guess what it was about from the title.  So, when I went to see the movie, I was hoping it would live up to the fond feeling I had for it somewhere in the recesses of my memory.

Schwan's Delivery is Schwell

Bizmommy has recently been trying various delivery serivces. Getting take out or delivery is often a last minute unplanned thing and we want our readers to be prepared with the best services around.

Schwan's delivers its own line of prepared foods. Its selection is extensive, including 350 items to choose from. The food is prepared and flash frozen to keep it fresh. They delivery almost anywhere and you can also sign up for regular delivery options with no contracts or minimums.

We have a winner - Frazeys Animal Rescue Bag Giveaway!

Congratulations to Eva M. for winning the giveaway!

Enter here for the giveaway 

Calling all pet lovers! October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month and we want you to know what you can do to help our furry friends in need. Each year, 8 million pets enter shelters, and the team behind Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bags is committed to getting pets out of shelters, off the streets and into loving homes. Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bags are reusable and recyclable, and 50% of the bag proceeds are donated to animal charities and rescue groups.

Big Hero 6 Contest!

XPRIZE has joined forces with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Disney Corporate Citizenship for a nationwide video contest designed to find the real-life counterparts to the animated heroes that will soon burst onto the big screen in “BIG HERO 6,” an action-packed comedy-adventure from Disney opening November 7, 2014.

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