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Time on Your Hands? Head Back to School with Your Kids

Getting a degree in business could be the best decision that you can make for yourself. As technology evolves, you will have more opportunities to start your own business and make money from it. Even if you don't start a business, understanding how to close a business deal could help you when buying stock, purchasing or getting a good deal on your next home.

Children's Health Tips

Before we had children, we used to talk about all the things we would see people let their kids do that we swore we would prevent our kids from doing. These included touching and putting their mouth on random objects in public, playing with kids who had runny noses, and any number of other unhygienic things we would witness.

Avoiding a Childcare Nightmare

Choosing the right childcare provider can be one of the most challenging decisions a parent has to make. Recently making national headlines was the “Nightmare Nanny” story of the Bracamonte family who hired and fired a nanny, and then the nanny refused to leave the home. While situations like this are relatively rare, there are a few simple tips that parents can follow when seeking a childcare provider for their little one.

Get "Fit" and Give a LIFT to a Woman in Need

As some readers know, Biz Mommy started out as a blog resource for women who were running or starting up a home-based business. As often happens though, life intruded, and I decided to go back to school and work on my prerequisites to eventually get into medical school. So, with my focus being on school, the blog had to be down-sized, and the easiest solution was to put the emphasis on things I already do with my family - hence, the events, entertainment and reviews theme of today's Biz Mommy.

Doordash Does it Delightfully!

Parents have busy schedules and it’s often difficult and even impossible to fit everything in. We love to plan but, when it comes to seeing those plans through, we all become experts at last minute improvisation (and not the Second City Theater kind – well, sometimes that too :-p)

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