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Fun Fitness Classes to Help You Get and Stay in Shape

Looking for a way to add some more excitement and variety into your workout routine? A few popular, heart-pumping fitness classes just may fit the bill and get you leaping out of your exercise doldrums! Check out the following five types of fitness classes that are not only fun and challenging, but can go a long way towards increasing your motivation and making it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals:

Take a Walk on the Wild Side Without Ever Leaving Home

It's sort of amazing how sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. This is never more true than in the world of visual art and decoration. A splash of paint here, a strategically placed sculpture or piece of furniture there - these things can take a room from so-so to sensational in mere seconds.

Wallpaper has the unique ability to completely transform a space because it surrounds the room and transforms it into a world all its own. Now, this might sound like an overstatement if you're just thinking in terms of plain, solid colors or simple patterns such as stripes or flowers. But what if you walked into a room and it felt like you were entering another world, or at least another city or country?

Two Ways Cushions Can Make Driving More Enjoyable

If life has made you a bit of a road warrior, either due to your commute, weekend commitments, or as a driver, you're well aware that a trip is only as enjoyable as your seat allows it to be. Pouring hours at a time into driving can seem like torture when your seat isn't supportive or comfortable enough, especially because there's generally not an alternative when you need to be somewhere.

Veggie Grill Makes Veggies Yummy!

If a survey was given to parents asking about the challenges of raising kids, the top of the list would certainly include, getting them to eat vegetables! There are restaurants and recipe books filled with ideas on how to prepare kid-friendly veggies. However, some are better than others. Once in a while, you will stumble upon that rare vegetarian dish or eatery that your kids just adore. Veggie Grill is such a place. What's even better is that, we adults enjoyed it just as much!

Strange Magic is Both Strange and Magical

I anticipated seeing this movie with quite a bit of excitement. Given the amazing things that have come from George Lucas and Industrial Light and Magic, I figured this would really blow me away. And it did, in some ways. Unfortunately, in others, it left me thinking "this is strange."

The Trials of Celebrity: Media Circus

The media has a tendency to focus on the daily lives and struggles of celebrities. Whether it's criticizing their wardrobe or latching onto the latest scandalous rumor, it's no secret that much of the attention can be negative, and often undeserved.

While dealing with the flash of paparazzi light bulbs is par for the course, it doesn't justify the yellow journalism and sensationalist way a lot of celebrities are reported on in the media.

4 Significant Reasons to Maintain a Clean Air Filter

The air filter within your central heat and air system may not seem like it does much, and it might be easy to forget about when life gets busy. However, your air filter needs to be checked on at least once a month. Air filters help to remove dirt and allergens from the air inside of your home as it circulates through your CHA system. It is important to keep your CHA safe, your home clean, and your family healthy!

Why Is It So Hard Sometimes for Adults to Just Play Nice?

I have a gorgeous friend who recently had the unpleasant experience of dating an old friend who she recently re-connected with on Facebook. I call it unpleasant because the relationship was going swimmingly for several weeks, until, upon closer reflection, this guy decided that my friend didn't live up to her Facebook images. He even suggested she should "do something" about a particular body part he didn't find particularly appealing. He subsequently disappeared without a trace, cutting off all contact, after having been extremely supportive, caring and affectionate for nearly a month.

I mentioned this experience to a male friend of mine, and, his response?

"Well, maybe he could have said it in a nicer way, but he probably had a good point. People put up misleading pictures."


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