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A Eulogy for Robin Williams

I did not know Robin Williams personally. However, when I heard of his death, I was moved to tears. Death is always sad but, this is the first time I can remember actually crying over a celebrity I never met. Well, to be fair, I have almost cried over the influence some ridiculous celebrity behavior has on our society but, this is the first time I cried when one died, one whose work was truly meaningful.

Schwan's Home Service Discount

For over 60 years, Schwan's Home Service has provided superior frozen foods with convenient home delivery. Our foods are flash frozen at the peak of freshness and flavor. Choose from USDA Choice meats, wild-caught seafood, flavorful skillet meals, Grade A fruits and vegetables, plus our heritage ice cream, distinctive desserts and much more.

BraziBites - OMG So Good!

Bizmommy recently tried one of the best snacks we have ever had.  We love cheese and we love bread but we limit our intake of both for diet reasons and because, "too much of a good thing..."  So, when we got our sample of Brazi Bites, we were very excited that this might be the answer to our dilemma.  It is.

Schwan's Online Grocery Delivery | Delicious Food Direct to Your Door

Some of the benefits of Schwan’s Home Service: Simplified mealtimes with over 350 High-quality affordable food choices / USDA Choice Meats / Grade A Vegetables / Wild-Caught Fish and Seafood Delivered right to your door - NO CONTRACTS / NO MIMIUM ORDERS / 100% GUARANTEED / NO PAYMENT REQUIRED UNTIL DELIVERY

$5 off $25 Order – Code: JULIEN2
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Freelance Family Life

Ever since I became a stay at home mom, I have been on a never-ending quest to find ways to save or make extra money to help balance our family budget. In my imagination, being at home with my kids was going to be easier than going out to a 9-5 job, but the reality is that being the parent at home during the day is a 24-7 job. 

Comfortable Shoes, Comfortable Journeys

I don't know when I developed a fascination for all things Europe. Probably as a pre-teen when books were my refuge after my mother developed serious health problems that required round-the-clock care. I scoured the library for books that took me far away from my surroundings and on great adventures that I could only dream about someday experiencing. 

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